Welcome to the Doctoral School  e-learning platform.
Every academic year the Doctoral School organises courses and seminars for its PhD Candidates to provide them with transversal and transferable research skills, allowing them to develop other academic and non-academic competences while increasing and diversifying post-doctoral career opportunities. 

The Doctoral School catalogue containing the training offer for the current year is published on the Doctoral School website Complementary Training section.

The courses information (dates, how to enroll, ect.) are constantly updated under the tag "Courses A.Y." on the same page.

This e-platform contains different training options and materials:

1) Repository of some of the courses held every year and their past editions.

You may enroll and attend these courses autonomously on the platform and get a certificate at the end.

Before taking any course in this platform, we suggest you to check if there is any new upcoming edition on the same course scheduled in the complementary training calendar.

2) Courses completely created on Moodle for you to attend (please check each course to see the instructions).

3) The "Training Materials" section: resources of the courses held in person/online (Synchronous Learning).