Full name: Business Administration
Type of course: Postgraduate degree
Nominal duration: 2 years
General policies and regulation: D.M. 270

code: 1107M21
Degree programm class: LM-77 - MANAGEMENT
Entry requirements: Course with a local restricted number of places
Teaching seat: Turin Language: English

Complete teaching list

The Business Administration Master's Degree (LM 77, named in Italian "Laurea Magistrale in Business Administration") is a 2-year postgraduate course offered by the Department of Management. The program provides students a high-level education in the business management field with two major specialisations (at the second year): Finance & Accounting or Business Management & International Marketing.The program concludes with a compulsory internship and a final project. The project work should be strictly based on a deep-contact experience within an organization, providing again a new opportunity to all students to enhance their academic knowledge with field experience.The international exposure consists not only in studying in English with a global perspective, but it is strengthened through classes with foreign classmates and visiting professors, exchanges with our Erasmus and extra UE partners, internships carried out in big companies in Italy or abroad.

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